Saturday, April 2, 2011


Apologies for the non-existent Mumbai blog. I promise that will be posted at some point.

I am writing from an internet cafe in the Tibetan camp in Delhi. We have filled the past two days with a very busy schedule. Our only time of rest was during the first half of the Cricket World Cup finals taking place in Mumbai between India and Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka finished their batting with a solid run total and India's best batsman was unable to produce any significant amount of runs before getting out. It doesn't look good.

We have seen the Jammu Masjid (largest mosque in the world outside of the Middle East), Humayun's Tomb, the India Gate, the parliament house, the Red Fort, Connaught Circle, Paharganj, and much much more. It has been a very busy and tiring two days but we have found rest and quite in the Tibetan Camp.

Unlike the rest of Delhi where you are constantly swarmed with people will to make a deal for "a friend", give you special prices for auto-rickshaw rides, or escort you to a "official government tourist office", the Tibetan area is a quite oasis filled with friendly, spiritual, and passive (literally and figuratively). Delhi is an amazing city with a lot to offer but I think the lasting impression of this city will be from those forced into residence here as refugees in exile from a land that was taken from them.

I will update soon.

PS Go outside the camp.


  1. I am intrigued by your P.S. The strength to go 'outside the camp' is derived from time spent in the "camp", in my experience. However,I also know that as comfortable and comforting the "camp" is, the call is to be on the edges, on the outside :)

  2. P.S "strangers in a strange land" is a big theme in the Hebrew bible. Just saying.

  3. I thought I had already posted this, but don't see it - if I'm double-posting, sorry.

    It is so good to "hear your voice." Rock on. Can't wait to hear your stories in person!

  4. Glad you are sounding well and enjoying your experiences. Make the most of your time but PLEASE take care of yourself.

  5. When you say "soon", what exactly does that mean in your new place of residence? Here in the Rock - I would say soon means some sort of time period that would certainly not stretch more than a few weeks. Based on your propensity for posting - I am looking for the details of your update before sunset on Friday! Nudge, nudge.
    As they say here in the land of rednecks and green pollen - Get 'er done.
    Gary Brannan