Saturday, July 17, 2010

Blog Title

I think the largest stumbling block for me getting my blog up and running was the tricky task of selecting a title. Although my father gave me several good suggestions, I have decided to go with the words of wisdom of another Scotsman... one who would be forever immortalized for the most simple four word question, "Dr. Livingstone, I presume?" The title of this blog, 'Going anywhere, provided it's forward', is a fitting title due to the fact that it is both acutely definite while at the same time exponentially ambiguous. What is not ambiguous, however, is that I will be spending the next year of my life in Kerala, India with the Young Adult Volunteer program (YAV). To update everyone on my progress on all pre-trip related activities: I have my visa stamp in my passport (and more importantly I have not lost my passport again), I have had so many needle jags that I could be nominated for best supporting actor in Trainspotting, and finally I have picked up my anti-diarrheal medication (which I'm sure will be a supporting actor in this blog in the coming year). Apart from that I am busy fundraising to reach my goal. I would like to thank all who have already donated and to remind them to be looking for a thank-you letter in the mail. I have decided that to get into the swing of blogging I will use the next month when I am still in the United States to practice my blogging skills and to bring all of the reader(s) (I say that because I know if no one else reads this my mom will-- and on a side note mom... please don't correct my grammatical and spelling mistakes, thanks, love you) up to speed on Kerala and India in general. Please feel free to leave comments! I encourage everyone to keep in touch.. leave me a comment or shoot me an email. I will try my best to keep this updated so that I can keep everyone in the loop. Thank you again to everyone who has already supported me. Whether it be through finances, thoughts, prayers, or just kind words and well wishes, every little bit helps and I am so thankful to have a wonderful family and a wonderful group of friends who are so very supporting and very loving. If I start to ramble in this or future posts please let me know. For those of you in the NPC community and the Oakland Avenue community you will realize that this is hereditary so blame my father.


  1. Wasn't the first to follow, but was the first to post a pic :)

    I hope you will also Skype me regularly while you're gone.

    Love you.

  2. Jim, I'm so excited to hear about all of the adventures and things you will see and learn. I want you to know for the next year I will be living vicariously through you (I hope that's ok). I'm excited, I've already laughed out loud twice in this post. And I'm sure I will more so later on. :) Love you tons and sending you good vibes and prayers. :)